Trade Wear

Trade Wear

You shouldn’t have to worry about the trade-in value of your vehicle.

Things like curbed wheels, missing keys + remotes, upholstery stains, dents, scratches, cracked windshields, or cracked lights can happen to any driver on Canadian Roads at any time. There are a lot of road hazards out there!

All of these damages can lower the trade-in value of your vehicle because of how much it will cost the dealership to recondition your vehicle for the next customer – drive with certainty.

Trade wear Coverage

Trade wear

What is Covered by the Auto Shield Canada Trade Wear Programs?

Trade Wear repairs damages from the most common road hazards such as flat tires, curbed rims, lost, stolen, or damaged keys and fobs, and more! Trade Wear is available for a variety of different terms so you can get the coverage that you need to improve your trade value.

Interior Protection

From accidental rips and tears to burns, and punctures, you’re covered for repairs. Stain removal is also covered for cleanings.

Paintless Dent Repair

Dings and dents up to 5 cm requiring paintless dent removal are covered.

Paint + Scratch Repair

Scratches up to 30 cm requiring paint repairs are covered.


Windshield + Exterior Glass

When minor front windshield chips occur, you’re covered for repairs. If replacement is required, you’re protected with a deductible reimbursement.

Headlight + Taillight + Fog Light

If your headlights, taillights, or fog lights are damaged due to road hazards, you’re covered for repair or replacement.



If your battery dies and no longer takes a charge, you’re covered.


Towing + Rental Car Coverage

You’re covered for towing reimbursements. A car rental is available when a covered repair requires more than one day to complete.


Tire + Wheel Repair

Should your tires or wheels get damaged due to a road hazard, you’re covered for repair and/or replacement.


Wheel Cosmetics Repair

When wheel damage happens due to accidental scrapes against medians, potholes, and even curbs, you’re covered for repairs.


Key / Remote Coverage

Replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged key + remote is as annoying as it is expensive. You’re covered for replacements annually.

See program-specific details for coverage amounts.

Additional Benefits of the Auto Shield Canada Lease Wear Program

Trade Wear comes with more flexibility than other providers of Trade Value Protection Programs. Most other programs only cover you at the time of Trade In. This means you could be driving around with cosmetic damage on your vehicle until you’re ready to trade it in. This can be a huge eyesore to some people.

Thankfully, Trade Wear can easily be upgraded to one of our Road Hazard Programs. This unlocks the ability to claim on cosmetic protection at any time during your term of ownership. This Protection Product often pays for itself with just one claim!

This program is available for cash, finance, and line of credit vehicle purchases

Coverage terms of up to 60 months are available

Coverage available for domestic, import, and luxury vehicles

No deductible


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