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Did you know vehicle theft is the most common police-reported offense? The Insurance Bureau of Canada reports that a vehicle is stolen every six minutes, and an experienced car thief can steal a car in just 30 seconds!

Auto Shield Canada RV Vehicle Theft Protection

Designed to protect your investment and financial security if your vehicle is stolen. From the moment your vehicle is stolen, until the moment the dealership hands over a new set of keys or your recovered vehicle, we are here to protect you from the unexpected. This Protection Product is available on cash, lease, finance, and line of credit purchases.

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A credit towards purchasing a replacement vehicle at the original selling dealership.

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Reimbursement on all actual expenses incurred after a theft occurs, including car rental and/or accommodation expenses.

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Reimbursement of insurance deductible.

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One-way airfare included if the vehicle is stolen and you are over 800 km from home

Exclusive Member Benefits with Theft Protection

Our automotive theft protection membership comes with added value for your customers that they wouldn’t receive from regular car theft insurance coverage. Although a primary insurance company will reimburse the value of the vehicle if stolen, they often don’t cover the costs incurred by the owner when trying to recover the stolen vehicle or when trying to get back to their place of residence.

Stolen + Not Recovered

Maximum Benefit $6000

Up to $5,000 towards the purchase of a Replacement Vehicle

Car Rental


Stolen + Recovered

Maximum Benefit $2,600
Deductible Reimbursement (for repairs)
Car Rental


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